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About Evolution News

Evolution News provides real news for Kiwi’s.

1) Evolution News provides principles relating to the cause of exploitation & crimes our society, so that where-ever exploitation occurs,  it can be detected, exposed, dis-armed and corrected.

2) Evolution News provides solutions for evolving a more balanced society.

3) Evolution News reports on news relating to the above 2 points.

4) Evolution News supports movements and trends that contribute to points 1 & 2.

5) Evolution News follows PROUT principles and values. PROUT is a socio-economic theory given by Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar.

Link to PROUT in a Nutshell series

Link to PROUT in a Nutshell series as audio mp3

Link to free PROUT PDF Downloads written by other people and giving an overview of PROUT

Contact:  jiivaevolutionnews.co.nz

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