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The fighting spirit of this protester and his message to expose fiat currency should be encouraged and commended, but because he did make the mistake of putting peoples lives in danger, including his own, it is a shame that some people will chose to remain ignorant of his message as a result.

While lighting the incendiaries within the boot of the car an explosion occurs knocking the protester back. Miraculously the protester appears uninjured and unaffected from the small explosion, but the event does indicate he was no explosives expert and obviously had no intention to put anyones lives in danger.

The protester is quoted in the above video stating “Fractional reserve lending, is the root of all our problems.”

The protester also spray painted a message on the foot path reading “What is fractional reserve banking? Google it!”

After igniting his car the man also states clearly on video, “Ill now just wait for the police to turn up bro, Ill make my statement”

The camera man is obviously flabbergasted at what he is filming, as is everyone else.

Below is a simple short educational video on fractional reserve banking.

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