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  • - 5,000 emails reveal scientists deleted evidence that cast doubt on claims climate change was man-made
  • - Experts were under orders from US and UK officials to come up with a ‘strong message’
  • - Critics claim: ‘The stink of intellectual corruption is overpowering’
  • - Scientist asks, ‘What if they find that climate change is a natural fluctuation?   They’ll kill us all’


Rob Waugh
Mail Online

November 28, 2011

More than 5,000 documents have been leaked online purporting to be the correspondence of climate scientists at the University of East Anglia who were previously accused of ‘massaging’ evidence of man-made climate change.

Following on from the original ‘climategate’ emails of 2009, the new package appears to show systematic suppression of evidence, and even publication of reports that scientists knew to to be based on flawed approaches.

And not only do the emails paint a picture of scientists manipulating data, government employees at the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) are also implicated.

One message appeared to show a member of Defra staff telling colleagues working on climate science to give the government a ‘strong message’.

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