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When Vinny Eastwood, host of the Vinny Eastwood Show went to distribute DVDs and pamphlets on the streets of Auckland on the 11th of September, he was confronted with a new bylaw. The well timed bylaw enforcement prohibits sharing of information on the public streets throughout Auckland. It prohibits the distribution of pamphlets, DVDs and the use of bullhorn.

Under the Public Places bylaw, section 20.3.1 it states:

Except with the permission of an authorised officer, or a licence from council, a person shall not, in, on, or over any public place: …

q. place or use loud speakers or other devices amplifying and emitting sound, including for advertising any trade, business, entertainment or any other purpose; …

x. distribute or sell or offer for donation any document, product, material or service.

Oh, and while Vinny was exercising his right to free speech, a seemingly random guy comes up from behind Vinny and assaults him! The seemingly well indoctrinated assaulter then justifies his actions with the same standard issue baseless excuse I have noted with many internet trolls – that investigating 9-11 is somehow disrespectful to 9-11 victims, when in reality 9-11 victims families have fought hard, yet been denied the truth. Complete idiot… or agent provocateur?


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