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By Elias Hazou Published on April 6, 2011

THE GREENS [PARTY in Cyprus, an island just north of Egypt] yesterday called for government funding to investigate suspected contamination caused by alleged chemtrails in Cypriot skies.

The party have also launched on their website an online petition calling for a proper investigation into the chemtrail phenomenon (www.greenpartycy.com/el/our-news/2009-10-29-12-19-08/campaign-against-ch…).

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Photograph of Chemtrails Above Cyprus

“We demand the government keep its promise and examine the possible consequences to the health of residents and the environment from chemtrails created by aircraft taking off from the British Bases in combination with the experimental operation of the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Programme (HAARP) within the Akrotiri British Bases and in Cyprus airspace in general,” party head Ioanna Panayiotou said.

The chemtrail theory holds that some trails left by aircraft are actually chemical or biological agents deliberately sprayed at high altitudes for a purpose undisclosed to the general public in clandestine programmes directed by government officials. The existence of chemtrails has been repeatedly denied by government agencies and scientists around the world, who say the trails are normal contrails, or condensation trails made by the exhaust of aircraft engines.

The Greens said the government made a commitment to the House Environment Committee in March 2009 to conduct an in-depth study of these accusations. A bi-ministerial technical committee was subsequently formed for this purpose.

The technical committee, the Greens added, “dissolved mysteriously” after only a few sessions.

“We demand that the government adopts our proposal to finance an independent study that will take samples and chemically analyse the substances included in these chemical trails,” said Panayiotou.

Campaign Against Chemtrails’ Yiannos Alexandrou said observations of high-altitude aircraft in Cypriot skies leaving the characteristic trails were on the rise.

Research director at Greece’s National Centre of Scientific Research, chemist Nicolaos Katsaros said soil samples taken in Greece showed traces of aluminium and barium – substances that are neurotoxic to humans and poison the food chain.

“They are the new Weapons of Mass Destruction,” he said.

Katsaros ascribes to the theory – one of a multitude – that chemtrails are being used for covert climate control. According to this theory, chemtrails contain metal particles which reflect sunlight away from earth to combat global warming.

In October last year, Cyprus was represented at the Nagoya conference in Japan, where the 193-member UN Convention on Biological Diversity passed a resolution calling for a moratorium on geoengineering projects and experiments. The resolution called for a halt to any private or public experimentation intended to manipulate the planetary thermostat.

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