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Lord Christopher Monckton’s recent tour was organized by Climate Realists and New Zealand Climate Science Coalition. Monckton’s tour was organized at short notice as an extension of Monckton’s we received Australian tour. Here I want to give a quick overview of Monckton’s recent tour in NZ, with links to his NZ video clips and other media.

Auckland, August 4th Thrusday

Monckton’s day started out with a radio interview with Leighton Smith of NewstalkZB at 10am. This ZB radio interview can be downloaded here. The interview begins with Monckton in the later half of the 4th minute (49min total).

At 12.15pm Monckton’s lunch event was booked out at the The Northern Club with about 180 people attending.

From 5pm til 7.45pm Christopher Monckton spoke with Professor Geoff Austinz publicly with an audience of approximately 150 people.

Wellington, August 5th Friday
At 12pm PRINZ (Public Relations Institute New Zealand) hosted a short 1hour event in Wellington City. Monckton’s subject for the event was “Is Global Climate Change another Y2K?”. Approximately 100 people attended this event.

Innitially my request, and the request of another cameraman to film the event was granted, but later denied just 2 days before the event. I was told that this was to ensure the privacy of the audience. I requested to film on the conditions of filming only Monckton and not the audience, and to approve the edited video but PRINZ did not change their decision. Also the day before the event I received an email from PRINZ advising me of the following quote: -

“Reporting and coverage: This event has been organised for the benefit of Members, not for the media. All attendees should be aware that within this context we are requesting that Chatham House Rules be observed. We do not see it as PRINZ’s role to facilitate Lord Monckton’s engagement with the media while he is in New Zealand.”

NB that Chatham House Rules basically means that PRINZ was requesting the meeting to be kept secret. Personally I think this is rather strange and hope that next time Monckton comes to Wellington it will be organized for the benefit of all Wellingtonians and not just for PRINZ members. But apart from this I am otherwise happy and thankful that the event went well.

During the afternoon a 57min interview was made of Monckton. This video interview, courtesy of Clearsight can be viewed here on Youtube (58min).

Whangarei, August 6th Saturday
At 2pm Monckton attended another event in Whangarei hosted by Farmers of New Zealand where approximately 80 people attended.

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