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Its quite common for Israel to demonize Palestinian leadership as being evil or sub-human. – Remember all those Mossad style posters around VUW campus a couple of months ago? …full colour, and posted anonymously. While portraying Zionists as being loving people, the posters tended to demonize Palestinians as sub-human terrorists.

Because Israel is continually stealing land from the Palestinians, naturally the only way they can justify their actions is to continuously demonize the Palestine people as being sub-human terrorists.

The other common tactic is to baselessly slander Palestinian supporters as being anti-Jewish or racists. It is a shame that Salient has recently published this kind of contrived slander accusing VUW Students for Palestine of being anti-Jewish.

The recent slander article that Salient has published also calls into question why they published it in the first place. I can’t recall a time when Salient ever published a hit-piece by a completely anonymous author. Obviously anyone with 2 brain cells is going to wonder if the Salient editor received financial encouragement from Mossad to publish this.


But anyone who looks past Israel’s demonizing propaganda will see that Israel has orchestrated false flag terrorist attacks throughout history to blame on their enemies. A good example of this is that USS Liberty attack which is well covered by the BBC documentary “Dead in the Water”.

To think Israel has magically changed its ways and isn’t capable false flag terrorist attacks anymore is naieve to say the least. Israel has continually violated human rights and indulged in war crimes and assignations worldwide. If these crimes and ruthless oppression suggest anything at all, then it is that Israel would benefit greatly by staging more false flag terrorist operations like they have carried out in the past.

The key sentiment Israel promotes to justify its continual exploitation and invasion of Palestine is through the propagation of nationalist sentiment. Ironically Nazi Germany did the same. By promoting a fanatical national sentiment, people are encouraged to develop a superiority complex so that whatever war crimes the government commits, they should be lovingly accepted as being for the good of the nation. From the mind-set of those suffering from this superiority complex, the lives of those they conquer and invade simply do not matter.

Israel’s continual crimes are a great slur on good people that follow the Jewish faith. This is because Israel has politicized itself as a Jewish state in order to inflate its out of national sentiment. Its a shame that their standard defense is to desperately attack anyone who supports Palestine as racists or Jew haters. Not only are these fanatical Israeli government habits a slur on good Jewish people; they are also a slur on all good Israeli people and the 430,000 Israelis participating in street actions and protests earlier this month to change their corrupt government.

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