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1) The Shudra mentality is predominated by physical objects and activities such as eating, sleeping, sex, and defending. As their minds are predominated by physical objects they generally do not come into positions of leadership in society. In society shudra’s often form the majority. They lack courage, intelligence, commercial experience and are not well-established in morality.

2) Ksatriyas have a warrior-like mentality predominated by courage and fighting spirit. By force of arms and their warrior-like mentality they persuade the shudra workers to work for them and offer them protection in return. During the ksatriya age those with developed valor and force of arms command respect. The goal of Ksatriya is to conquer the world through the strength of their vital force. Honour and prestige are important to Ksatriyas’. Ksatriya mentality may be found more in the army, police force, dictatorships and competitive sports.


3) Vipras are intellectuals. They solve all problems using their cunning intellectuals. When society was first created by the warrior ksatriyas chiefs and kings, the vipras became their ministers and advised the ksatriyas on strategy for their battles. Gradually the collective strength of the political/religious ministers take over the government system but they generally keep the kings in power as their puppets. During the vipra age those with intellect and prestige command respect.

As intellectualsvipra mentality can be found more evident in politics, religions & spiritual practices, and in other intellectual or ideological activities. The goal of intellectuals is to acquire more intellectual wealth and prestige, as well as using that wealth to experience the objects of their enjoyment.

4) Vaesyas are capitalists. Through trade and commerce they seek to acquire more and more physical objects and capital. Unlike the ksatriyas and vipras, vaeshyas get the more enjoyment by simply acquiring objects rather than by utilizing them. Merely the thought of ownership gives them a sense enjoyment, so often the capital they acquire or produce will not be utilized. By utilizing their money they employ workers in order to acquire yet more wealth.

During the vaeshya age those with more money command respect. Although the ksatriyas and vipras generally have some pride in prestige in their valor and intellects, the vaeshyas generally do not have any attraction for gaining prestige and prefer to remain hidden from the public. The employ others agents to do their work with the intention to profit.

Due to their love of money, the creation and loaning of money has some attraction for vaeshyas. Vaeshya mentality is more prominent in banking, sales, selling, marketing, and where ever profit is the goal of life. The infiltration of government by inconspicuous vaeshya capitalists is generally a sign of that the vaeshya age has come.

Additional Note

Please note the above survey of common mentalities illustrate extreme cases of each mentality.  In their unbalanced forms people of similar mentality join together to exploit the rest of society.

However in highlighting these extreme propensities to emphasize their personality traits, this does not mean that they are bad. Ideally we should develop the good characteristics of all mental types in a balanced way.

Of the types above, shudra is most common, ksatriya – less common, vipra – even less common, vaeshya – even less common, and sadvipra (a balanced mix of the above four) – least common.

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