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Ananda Marga Elementary Philosophy” was the first-published of the more than two hundred books of Shrii Shrii Ánandamúrti. It appeared in its original Bengali in 1955 and was translated into English in 1961. When the original Bengali came to be revised in 1963, a subtitle was added; so when the revised Bengali was translated into an English second edition in 1967, that second edition was titled Ánanda Márga: Elementary Philosophy. Though the author produced over two hundred books between 1955 and 1990, Ánanda Márga: Elementary Philosophy continues to hold a key place as an introduction to the author’s entire ideology. Its speciality is the use of formal, though simple, logic to make an utterly convincing case for the existence of Supreme Consciousness and the need of spiritual practice.

Download and listen to the English mp3 version of this book by clicking on links below.

AMEP 01 What Is Dharma

AMEP 02 What Is the Cosmic Entity

AMEP 03 What Is This World

AMEP 04 Who Am I and What Am I

AMEP 05 What Relation w Universe n Cosmic Entity

AMEP 06 How Should Human Beings Live In This World

AMEP 07 What Is the Aim of Humanity

AMEP 08 Intuitional Practice and Its Necessity

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