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Defects of Communism – Section C
The term “communism” is derived from the word “commune” which comprises the prefix “co” and the root “mune”. “Co” means “together” and “mune” means “to do something”, so “commune” means “to do something together”. “Commune” plus “ism” equals “communism”. The term “communism” is only applicable where the commune system exists. Those who follow the commune system are communists. In the commune system there is no relationship among people doing something together as everything is imposed from the top. Hence, the word “commune” as used by
Karl Marx is improper and misleading.

While Marx said many things, our discussion here is only concerned with those things in his philosophy which went against human psychology. That is, we are only concerned with that part of his philosophy which attempted to build castles on quicksand.

Communism is based on crude materialistic philosophy. Its goal is to enjoy whatever you get, depriving others. There is no scope for preparing the mind in an intellectual flow towards the pinnacled entity. When the mind reaches the body of its object – when the mind takes the form of its object – whether the object is crude or subtle, the mind is powdered down. The natural tendency of the mind is to go downwards, but when the mind ideates on the subtlest entity it is slowly converted into spirit. A spiritual aspirant has to take his or her mind upward.

When the object is subtle the mind becomes subtle, and when the psychic structure becomes subtle the thinking power is developed and higher ideas are created. If one meditates on materialistic ideas the mind will become crude and materialistic. If the mind always meditates on the commune system, will it become subtle or crude? It will surely become crude because in the communist system there is want of humanity and want of morality. The very theory of communism makes the mind crude.

Communism is unable to provide the proper environment for the creation of a strong, solid psychic and intellectual structure. That is why moral stamina – moral sanctity – is lost in communist countries. Such a phenomenon took place in India just before the Buddhist Age because of the influence of Cárvaka philosophy. Cárvaka philosophy was a protest against Vedic “bogusism”, although it was materialistic in nature. During that period there was not even a pinch of morality – society had lost all its moral stamina. Today the same thing is happening and will continue to happen in communist countries. In communist countries there is no sanctity in moral life – society is devoid of moral principles.

In the name of this defective theory one of the leaders of the Soviet Union killed more than 500,000 people and sent many more to labour camps in Siberia. Among all the anti-human and homicidal theories that have been created in this world, communism is the most barbarous. The day has come for it to be thrown on the scrap heap forever.

Several days ago it was reported in the newspaper that in communist China one million illegitimate children are born each year. This proves that communism encourages immorality. If this immorality goes unabated it will eat away human society and cause doldrums in the social order. Eventually the entire social structure will be destroyed. We cannot tolerate such a philosophy. The very thought of this philosophy is nauseating.

Countries which have both laborious and intellectually developed citizens have never accepted communism. For example, Karl Marx was born in Germany but his theory was not accepted there. Similarly, England gave shelter to Marx but did not accept his theory. The cooperative movement first started in England and the spirit of cooperation is reflected in many aspects of British society; consequently, Marxism has not been able to get a foothold in Britain. Japan is surrounded by communist countries like the Soviet Union, North Korea and China but it did not accept communism. The citizens of these countries, as well as of some other countries, are both laborious and intellectually developed, hence they have rejected Marxism.

Previously in India some meritorious students accepted Marxism as the best theory out of a bad lot, but they did not embrace it as their ideology of life. Now the cream of the university students are not attracted towards Marxism because Marxism is the symbol of intellectual hollowness.

The relationship between communism and intellectuality is like the relationship between a snake and a ferret. Just as it is the nature of a ferret to devour a snake, intellectually developed people can easily expose the defects in Marxism.

The philosophy of Gandhi died before India got independence – it died long before Gandhi died. But communism has survived long after the death of Marx. It survived only due to the force of arms and constant booming. If constant booming is done for something, then people start thinking that there must be some truth in what is being propagated. For example, if someone continually says that Gopal is a very bad boy, then people will eventually believe what they are being told. Gopal will become a bad boy in their eyes. Communists are doing constant booming about their theory. Due to this people are being brainwashed, and at this stage it is very easy to inject incorrect ideas into their minds. By constant booming of their wrong theory they are creating their supporters, but these cadres suffer from intellectual bankruptcy. When intellectual people ask them anything they fail to answer, and this causes them to revolt.

In communist countries the party leaders used all their strength and every possible approach – force of arms, terror and control over freedom of speech – to keep the people oppressed. But today the conscience of the party leaders has revolted against these methods. This was the reason why the student movement in China was not suppressed for a long time.

Communist countries are abandoning the defective commune system because it is causing suffering from food shortages. Communists are abandoning the commune system because this rotten system is adversely affecting the health of society. Communist leaders, who used to give so-called guidance to the people, have themselves abandoned the path of communism. It is clear that Marxism has failed theoretically, but now it has also failed in practice in those countries which follow Marxism. The sins which Marxism has committed have resulted in its annihilation.

Any theory, principle, idea or proposition must have a firm foundation to stand upon. This is a fundamental necessity. Everything in the physical or psychic spheres moves within the periphery of the three supreme relative factors – time, space and individuality. Theories or propositions are not exceptions to this rule.

Democracy is a sort of procrastinated progress – progress is not speedy or accelerated. In capitalist democracies votes can be purchased, thus poor people cannot fight elections. Can there be any adjustment between pseudo-capitalism and pseudo-communism as was tried by Euro-communism? Pseudo-communism was once tried by Adolf Hitler and Mussolini. Pseudo-communism means it seems to be communism but practically it is not. The national socialists of Europe included Mussolini in Italy, Hitler in Germany and Franco in Spain.

The proposition of communism has got no fundamental foot to stand upon. Its very base is oscillating. It is neither a theory, nor a principle, nor a proposition. Communism today may be termed “revisionism” or “pseudo-revisionism”. “Pseudo” is a Latin word of German origin. It does not mean “false”. It means “to some extent like the original but not exactly like the original”. Any policy of pseudo-revisionism is ultravires to the principle of the vital faculty – it is ultravires to the existential faculty. It is a counter-psychic motion and against the seed of a living sprout, therefore it can never be accepted. It is like the temporary glow of a flame – it only exists for a short period, then after its sad demise, it leaves behind no permanent mark in human history. This will be the fate of communism. It is a policy or proposition based on pseudo-revisionism. Such pseudo-revisionism is detrimental to the existential faculty, and that is why pseudo-revisionism should be discarded at the very primordial phase. Such a phenomenon has taken place in the world of intellectuality. Communism has died a premature death.

If any wrong theory continues for a long period, when the reaction against it finally starts the reaction will only last a short time and will be intensely destructive, like a hurricane. Today communism is burning in the fire of its own failure, and your work is to add some fuel to that fire.

All human society will have to undergo atonement for the sins committed by communism – not even the innocent will be spared. This dangerous theory has committed many atrocities against society, and it will continue to do so until it is finished in name as well as in theory. Although communism is dead in theory, it continues to exist in name. As this theory is extremely detrimental to human existence, you should ensure that it is eradicated in name as well as soon as possible.” - Sarkar, Prabhat, 14 July 1988, Calcutta, Prout in a Nutshell Part 15, Defects of Communism – Section C

Suppression, Repression and Oppression
Some people, ideas and events have created havoc in human society during the last two hundred years. This has led to suppression, repression and oppression in social life. Let us discuss some of the different psychic aspects of suppression, repression and oppression, the three psychic calamities that the human beings of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries have had to undergo.

During the last two centuries, capitalism and communism have caused much suffering in human society. Communism has already died a premature death while still in the stage of youthful vigour, but when capitalism dies it will die a mature death. What caused the death of communism? It died due to the reaction of the accumulated pain, suffering and tortures inflicted on innocent people by the communist system which forced people to live unnatural lives. Communism had to face a black death while dancing in the ecstasy of terror and massacre.

Capitalism and communism have polluted the air, water and environment in this peace-loving world. By nature human beings are peace-loving, not war-loving. It is capitalism and communism that have caused two world wars and so many other sanguinary battles in the world in the recent past.

Both these systems have created suppression, repression and oppression in the minds of the people. But while capitalism makes people slaves, communism makes them worse than slaves. The word “slave” means “vandá” in Persian and “gulám” in Arabic. In India you will find many names like Ram Gulam – the title “Gulam” is derived from the word for slave. You will also find the title “pada” which means both “foot” and “rank” and refers to spiritual ranking. Due to the suppression, repression and oppression caused by communism, people are not turned into slaves, rather the human mind is transformed into matter. This is because in communism human values do not exist, so the human mind becomes inert like matter. In this state people have no connection with the Self or soul.

Communism is a collection of contradictions. In countries where the communists are not in government they support democracy, but in the communist system there is no democracy, only dictatorship. Communists may say they support democracy, but after winning power they go to any lengths, including the adoption of undemocratic practices, to stay in power. They advocate the commune system but the commune system has not been successful anywhere in the world. They talk of classlessness, but practice party rule by an elite. Communism is irrational and inhuman – it is against the human psyche.

Communism represents a double standard. How? Let us take an example. As per the commune system, the ownership of the land rests with the state, but in the Tevahagá Movement of Bengal the communist leaders demanded that two thirds of the produce from the crops should go to the tillers or landless labourers, and one third to the actual owners of the land. This movement took a dangerous form before independence in two districts of Bengal – Faridpur and South 24 Paraganas – when the labourers killed many innocent land owners. After independence, the communist leaders changed their strategy and propagandized that the ownership of the land should go to the Bargadars or sharecroppers. In Bengal the sharecroppers had the right to farm the land and could not be evicted, and were better off than the landless labourers. The communists turned their backs on the landless labourers and supported land rights for the sharecroppers, knowing full well that in communism the ownership of the land rests with the state. See how the communists went against their basic principles and practiced duplicity.

In communism the slogan is, “From each according to his capacity, to each according to his necessity,” but in the cooperative system the slogan is, “Each will get according to his or her capacity.” Due to this slogan, a person will try to do more labour. People will put all their talent and energy into a task and production will increase. In communism the leaders themselves try to avoid labour. They prefer to sit in an office rather than work hard, thus there is sluggish production. In the cooperative system, people are issued shares in farming cooperatives based on the amount of land that they farm under cooperative management. In the communist system, this type of participation is absent, so people do not feel oneness with their work. They are led to believe that their needs will be supplied by the state, so they have no incentive or interest in the system.

Due to PROUT, a sympathetic vibration has started throughout the globe. People have started thinking that they no longer need to be oppressed by the rotten philosophy of communism. They have realized that they are not like donkeys which carry sugar but have no right to eat it. As long as the communist leaders had power they suppressed the people, but today the people are rebelling against their leaders due to their education and rational thinking. If both education and rational thinking are present, people will definitely rebel against oppression. Even if one of these factors is there, people will also fight against an oppressive regime.

People have already thrown out the rotten philosophy of communism and now they are eager to fill up the gap that has been left behind. We should not waste any more time. This vacuum should be immediately filled by PROUT.

If PROUT had not been propounded, it would have taken another thirty years to throw out communism. The day I formulated the five fundamental principles of PROUT, I realized that this would be the death-knell of communism. Communism died a premature death by at least 30 years. PROUT came in 1959, but communism collapsed in 1989. If PROUT had not come, communism would have lasted 30 to 35 years more. Now communism has to quit the field.

In communism, the leaders want to control the people through brute force, but in PROUT we will inspire people through selfless service. Communists do not support selfless service, and believe that if people are given service, then they will become satisfied and not revolt against the system. But this belief is false. In the great Bengal famine more than five million people died due to starvation, but nobody revolted. If you do service, if you teach people and encourage them to develop their rationality, then they will revolt against an inhuman system. Disorganised and irrational people are incapable of launching a revolution.

Where there is torture of good people, the system which supports it will surely be destroyed. There are many good people in this world who want to do good work. You should convince them, work with them and organize them to do maximum service for the suffering humanity.

Marx was a good man. He had strong feelings for suffering humanity, and out of compulsion to do something he wrote his theory. However, his theory was not practical. He did not understand the practical implications of his theory when he propounded it. The books of Marx reflected his concern for the downtrodden humanity and convinced many people. Leaders like Lenin and Mao took up the task of materializing his ideas in the society. They were not bad people, but as they tried to materialize the theory of Marx they encountered many practical difficulties. Realizing that the theory was defective, they became frustrated and started committing many atrocities. Stalin was a demon who killed millions of people. This all occurred because of the inherent defects of Marxism.

Now Marxism is being eradicated from the whole world. Only in one state in India, West Bengal, is communism still accepted. Now communism has gone totally berserk – a special type of madness where the beginning, middle and end is defective. People infected with this psychic disease can do anything – they can kill others for any reason, and they can even kill themselves.

Even if there is something in communism – I do not say there is, but even if there is – people aspire for democracy because they can not stand communism. See the example of Czechoslovakia today. No doubt there are defects in democracy and people realize these defects, but still they want democracy because it is better than communism. PROUT supports democracy in a limited sense – we support restricted democracy – because a better form of government will come in the future. Certain democratic principles are best for the time being.

In communist states, you will find the triangle of suppression, repression and oppression in full force. Communism is based on these three defects. But amongst these three oppression has occurred the most, repression next and suppression the least. The people must be freed from physical suffering and psychic ailments caused by the suppression, repression and oppression. These three psychic catastrophes have split, shattered and destroyed the human mind.

Suppression occurs when the mind is prevented from expanding and all its outlets are closed, sealed and blocked. The nature of the human mind is that it wants to expand. Even if some force does not want the mind to expand, still the mind must try to expand. In Saḿskrta suppression is called “pradamana”.

Repression occurs whenever you are faced with trouble, whenever you want to express your feelings, or whenever you want to be in an open atmosphere. In Islamic countries, for example, women want to participate in sports and games, but they are prevented. In communist countries there are many people who want to criticize communism, but if they do they will be in trouble and sent to concentration camps. There are also places where people want to sing and dance freely, but if they do they will face difficulty and be punished. In Saḿskrta repression is called “avadamana”. ” – Sarkar, Prabhat, 13 November 1989, Calcutta, Prout in a Nutshell Part 17, Suppression, Repression and Oppression


Communism is an unhappy blending of matter-centred and dogma-centred philosophies – a theory of matter-centred and dogma-centred brutality. It is the worst type of demons’ dance, and is on the threshold of a black death.

Communism is not logically based. It occupies a certain portion of the physical world, some portion of human sentiment and some logic. A few logical minds were influenced by it, but it is a highly defective philosophy which will cease to exist in the very near future. It will cease to exist within the range of this century.

Communism is irrational, illogical, unscientific and unpsychological. What is the immediate cause of the demise of communism? There may be many causes, but what is the immediate cause? Take the example of a drunkard. If a man drinks much alcohol, he will contract liver disease and eventually die. But if one day he drinks an excessive amount, say ten bottles, this will be the immediate cause of his death. Communism should have died a few decades from now, but it is ultimately dying in the last decade of the twentieth century. Ravana’s greatest blunder was that he abducted Sita. The greatest blunder of communism was that it attacked God-centred philosophy. This is the immediate cause of the death of communism.

Communism created a field at one time; now it has left a vacuum behind. There is an ideological vacuum in the world – a physical, mental and intellectual vacuum has been created by the death of communism – but it will be filled up in a short time. This vacuum has to be immediately filled with a strong guiding and controlling force. You should fill it with your intellectuo-intuitional strength. If you sit idle some other demonic non-spiritual theories can become active and occupy that vacuum, so do not encourage lethargy and procrastination. You must leave the six defects of sleep, drowsiness, fear, anger, lethargy and procrastination if you want to work for the Self and for the society.

PROUT is the only panacea. If the God-centred philosophy of PROUT does not come forward immediately to fill this vacuum, some other ideology will, because it is a law of nature that something will fill a vacuum once it has been created. If this ideological vacuum is not filled by PROUT, a great catastrophe will take place in the future because other defective philosophies will come forward. Some dogma-centred, matter-centred or self-centred theories will occupy the space. We cannot allow this to happen.

Tito let Ananda Marga work in Yugoslavia because he understood the defects of communism. Now students of Poland are also joining Ananda Marga. The ideas of PROUT are spreading throughout the world. This new day is yours.

Self-centred philosophies create differences among human beings and balkanise the human society. Matter-centred philosophies create disparity, destroying peace in the universe. In the present world we are seeing two theories moving side by side – the self-centred theory of capitalism and the matter-centred and dogma-centred theory of communism. Capitalism cannot serve humanity, while communism failed to serve humanity. Both capitalism and communism are dying. Capitalism will die a natural death, while communism died an unnatural death. ” – Sarkar, Prabhat, 15 January 1990, Calcutta, Prout in a Nutshell Part 18, The Excellence of God-Centred Philosophy, Communism

Psychic Pabula and Communism

Communism is also a socio-economic-political theory based on materialism. In communist society people’s psychic urges and psychic pabula instinctively run after material acquisition and crude enjoyment. When psychic pabula are guided by a materialist outlook, human beings develop negative behaviour patterns. For example, they become extroversial in nature, develop strong attachment to material wealth and worldly pleasure, become aggressively intolerant of other’s views and thoughts, resort to brute force to repress opponents, deny the existence of spirituality and suppress the psychic urges or pabula of the people. The communist society suffers from all these evils.

The psychic urges and psychic pabula in a communist society are bound to develop a tendency towards materialism and physical accumulation because the mind does not get any scope in such an atheistic society to divert the flow of its propensities towards spirituality. As a result, the psychic pabula indulge in material pursuits. The totalitarian rule of the communist world then desperately tries to suppress the tendency towards material enjoyment by brute force in the name of equal distribution–a proposition which is basically wrong and illogical. At this stage, communist society is tragically caught in a triple bind. First, it is based on the ill-founded ideological proposition of equal distribution. Secondly, the irresistible materialistic tendencies of communist society emanate from unchecked psychic pabula, fed by the poison of materialism. Thirdly, there is the vain effort by the totalitarian communist state to suppress people’s psychic urges and psychic pabula. These urges and pabula cannot be suppressed by brute force for a long time, not even in communist states behind their “iron curtains”.

In such a defective society, life loses its dynamism, the power of imagination gets shadowed and the urge for initiative is weakened. Thus communist society sinks into a state of doldrums. This degradation quickens the downfall of communism. The state of doldrums then further degenerates into a state of Babel’s pandemonium through a process of capillary attraction. Today communist society is heading towards this inevitable, tragic end. ” – Sarkar, Prabhat, October 1986, Calcutta, Prout in a Nutshell Part 12, The Transformation of Psychic Pabula into Psycho-spiritual Pabulum

The commune system is also a kind of collective production in that people produce something in a collective manner. Cooperative industrial and agricultural production belongs to the same category. Agricultural production by private enterprise is not collective production, neither is agricultural production by the sharecropping system.

Of the different systems of production – the cooperative system, private enterprise, the sharecropping system and the commune system – the last one is the worst. The sharecropping system is slightly better than the commune system, and better still is private enterprise, but the best system is the cooperative system of production.

In the commune system individual ownership is denied. In some countries the right of individual ownership may be accepted in principle but not in practice. In such places there is no scope for workers to get either the inspiration or the incentive to fully utilize their skills in either agriculture or industry. There is no opportunity for them to enhance their working capacity. They are like oxen moving around an oil grinding mill with their eyes blindfolded. The oxen may move one hundred miles a day but they make no forward progress. Similarly, the workers in the commune system are confined within the four walls of intellectual staticity. They have no opportunity to develop subtle thoughts, so their lives can never be elevated to higher strata. People living in the commune system are like animals trapped within the vortex of staticity till the last breath of their lives. They have no psychological or human relation with their work. This is the nature of the commune system. The whole system runs counter to human psychology, and consequently production never increases.

Those countries which have adopted the commune system directly or indirectly have utterly failed in agricultural production. This is a most unfortunate fact. Capitalist countries, where agricultural production takes place on the basis of individual ownership, supply food grains to communist countries. Communist countries are compelled to purchase their minimum requirements from countries under private enterprise. The poor masses live a miserable existence of hunger and deprivation, and their lives are nothing but a bad dream. Though the capitalist system is bad, even then the commune system surrenders to it. What a pitiful situation this is. Until communist countries reject the commune system they will not be able to solve their food problems, and they will continue to move from country to country with their begging bowls outstretched. ” – Sarkar, Prabhat, 15 May 1988, Calcutta, Prout in a Nutshell Part 14, Cooperative Production – Section A

In those countries that follow the commune system there is also lack of coordinated cooperation. In the commune system society is reduced to merely a production-distribution mechanism under a regimented system of control. Rather than increase production, the commune system forces production down. The consequences can be seen in nearly all communist countries: food shortages. Capitalist countries such as Australia, Canada and the USA are selling their food grains to the Soviet Union and China. Moreover, the workers in a commune do not feel oneness with the job, nor do they have the freedom to express all their potentialities. Such a suffocating and mechanical system fosters a materialistic outlook and produces atheistic leadership.

In the commune system there is no personal ownership. Without a sense of personal ownership people do not labour hard or care for any property. If farmers feel they have permanent usufructuary rights to the land they will get a better out-turn. Such a sentiment is suppressed in the commune system, resulting in sluggish production and psychic oppression. Intelligent people are forced to do work which is unsuitable for them and are paid the same wages as ordinary workers. There is no incentive system and individual initiative by meritorious people is not encouraged, so naturally people do not work hard. Such a system can never solve society’s economic problems, either in agriculture or in industry. Rather, it will only aggravate existing problems and create fresh social problems. The production and distribution systems of the commune system are fundamentally defective, exploitative and anti-human.

The commune system is based on subordinated cooperation – the relationships are those of supervisor and supervised or master and servant. Such relationships are detrimental for human progress and retard any possibility of progressive movement. They are ultravires to the wonts of the human mind. ” – Sarkar, Prabhat, 18 February 1988, Calcutta, Prout in a Nutshell Part 14, Cooperatives, Coordinated Cooperation

About 150 years ago Karl Marx observed that there was social disparity and exploitation in society. He believed that social injustice was caused by differences in income, so he thought that if there was no individual income and people lived in the commune system, and the government provided food and clothing to the people, then there would be no injustice. But has the commune system solved the socio-economic problems of communist countries?

Intelligent people working in the commune system earn the same as ordinary people, and consequently there is no incentive for them to work hard. People naturally question the value of their labour if everybody is paid the same. The applied theory of the commune system has reached a deadlock. In such conditions no one will utilize his or her maximum capacity and the capabilities of a genius will not get any scope for expression. If Raja Bhoj, who was a very wise and intelligent king, had had the same influence in his court as an unintelligent person, his whole kingdom would have collapsed. This is what is happening in communist countries. The commune system of production has proved to be an impractical because it does not encourage individual initiative or provide incentives to talented people. This is the main reason for the failure of the commune system. The USSR has to purchase wheat from Canada, USA and Australia which are capitalist countries, although it has sufficient land for cultivation, because it has not been able to properly harness the productive potential of its people.

Today the applied theory of the commune system has reached a deadlock. The theory has entered a stage of hysteric convulsion. Communists have now lost all logic and reason – they have become hysterical and are simply shouting, hoping people will follow them out of fear. There must be flexibility of intellect in order to follow the path of logic. If this fundamental flexibility is lacking then shouting will dominate logic. ” – Sarkar, Prabhat, 16 March 1988, Calcutta, Prout in a Nutshell Part 13, The Speciality of the Fifth Fundamental Principle of Prout

Communism and Indian Práńa Dharma

Materialism can never be the base of human life in any country because it is detrimental to the all-round development of human beings. Materialism is the philosophical base of communism. Communists act against human Dharma by propagating the defective philosophy of materialism. Communism is diametrically opposed to Indian Práńa Dharma. Although they raise high-sounding slogans of human emancipation and progress, human well-being cannot be accomplished by communism. The communist states give much importance to the application of material science and technology. This may help increase the wealth of the country and thereby alleviate the financial distress of the people to some extent, but by solving economic problems one does not solve all problems. If that were the case, the affluent countries of the West would be utopian. Human beings are not merely destined to fill their bellies. There is much more to human life than that. Human beings are veritable children of God having a thirst for unlimited happiness. Limited physical wealth can never quench their infinite thirst. Obviously, their Práńa Dharma should provide them with the necessary ways and means to satisfy their unlimited hunger. Communism ignores the higher human and spiritual values of life. It lets the human soul stand unrecognized. The condition of human beings in today’s communist countries is no better than that of domestic cattle in dairy farms. ” – Sarkar, Prabhat, 16 February 1967, Ranchi, Prout in a Nutshell Part 6, Práńa Dharma

Question – Which is more psychological, capitalism or communism?

Answer – As compared to communism, capitalism is more psychological, although both are defective and cannot be supported. In communism there is hardly any scope for the free and unbarred expression of mind, and due to extreme regimentation the flow of the mind is checked by numerous social, economic and political constraints. In capitalism no such checks exist in theory, but in practice there are checks.

Question – Why is everything in the communist countries done under the dark veil of the iron curtain?

Answer – Because they are conscious of the inherent defects and loopholes in their system and they do not want the world to know what they are doing.

Question – Is the commune system in accordance with the accelerating emanations of human beings and the multi-lateral development of human beings and also in accordance with the integrated development of the cosmos?

Answer – No. This kind of socio-economic system is set up primarily for economic purposes and secondarily for educational and cultural development. It cannot be an ideal system for the multi-lateral development of human beings, as human beings need to move along the proper path of progress in human life in all the three strata (physical, mental and spiritual) and the five sub-strata (social, economic, political, cultural and psycho-spiritual) to ensure their multi-lateral development. Integrated development and accelerated movement towards the Supreme Desideratum can only be achieved when the socioeconomic system is based on Neohumanism.

Question – What are the psychological defects of the commune system?

Answer – In the commune system, society is reduced to a production-distribution centre under a regimented system of control based upon production teams. Such a suffocative and mechanized living system fosters a materialistic outlook and produces atheistic leadership. The workers cannot feel oneness with the job, nor do they have the freedom to express their individual potentialities. If farmers feel they own the farm they will get a better outturn. If people are allowed unbarred psychic and spiritual freedom, human society will achieve greater psychic and spiritual progress. ” – Sarkar, Prabhat, Prout in a Nutshell Part 12, Questions and Answers – 2

In the commune system materialism is the be-all and end-all of human life. Those who identify themselves with the commune system also identify themselves with gross materialism. The commune system is a bogus “ism” – it has no legs to stand upon. It degenerates the physical, mental, and spiritual spheres of human beings, and its negative effects on the social, economic, political, moral, and cultural aspects of collective life encourage all kinds of exploitation. The confessions of communist leaders themselves have exposed the shortcomings of this system.” – Sarkar, Prabhat, 14 August 1988, Calcutta, Prout in a Nutshell Part 15, The Existential Value of Ideology

Communism is state capitalism which is why it is not free from the defects of capitalism. State capitalists, like individual and group capitalists, control industries. State capitalism means state controlled industries. In other words, in state capitalism industries are centralized. Communist countries support state capitalism, which means centralized production. While communism appears to differ from capitalism on the question of popular liberation, capitalism and communism are the same internally. Fruits of the same variety may have different colour skins, but their seeds are the same. Capitalism and communism are fruits of the same variety.” – Sarkar, Prabhat, 6 November 1988, Calcutta, Prout in a Nutshell Part 16, Decentralized Economy – 2

Defects of Communism – Section B
Another meaning of the word acala is dharma, righteousness. Dharma always remains established in its position, whereas human beings waver. Sometimes human beings go beyond the domain of dharma and bring great harm upon themselves and society due to misguided intellect, defective philosophies, evil company or faulty direction.

Recently you may have noticed that Marxists sometimes shout at the top of their voices and cry themselves hoarse to proclaim that they do not accept dharma. They have now been caught in the trap of their defective philosophy, and their leaders have been caught in the same trap. They liquidated hundreds of thousands of simple, innocent people on flimsy charges without even the pretense of a trial. Was this a humanitarian act? This bestial genocide occurred because Marxists deviated from the path of dharma.

Today such people deserve severe condemnation by humanity. It is a sin to waste public money to build huge monuments or construct roads in memory of these people. Until they capture political power in a country, these hypocrites repeat the sweet slogans of democracy like parrots merely for public consumption. But once they are in power, they unscrupulously throw democracy in the dustbin and grind subtle human sensibilities and higher human values to dust under the steamroller of a ruthless party dictatorship.” – Sarkar, Prabhat, 10 July 1988, Calcutta, Prout in a Nutshell Part 15, Defects of Communism – Section B

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