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Defects of Communism – Section C

The term “communism” is derived from the word “commune” which comprises the prefix “co” and the root “mune”. “Co” means “together” and “mune” means “to do something”, so “commune” means “to do something together”. “Commune” plus “ism” equals “communism”. The term “communism” is only applicable where the commune system exists. Those who follow the commune system are communists. In the commune system there is no relationship among people doing something together as everything is imposed from the top. Hence, the word “commune” as used by Karl Marx is improper and misleading.

While Marx said many things, our discussion here is only concerned with those things in his philosophy which went against human psychology. That is, we are only concerned with that part of his philosophy which attempted to build castles on quicksand.

Communism is based on crude materialistic philosophy. Its goal is to enjoy whatever you get, depriving others. There is no scope for preparing the mind in an intellectual flow towards the pinnacled entity. When the mind reaches the body of its object – when the mind takes the form of its object – whether the object is crude or subtle, the mind is powdered down. The natural tendency of the mind is to go downwards, but when the mind ideates on the subtlest entity it is slowly converted into spirit. A spiritual aspirant has to take his or her mind upward.

When the object is subtle the mind becomes subtle, and when the psychic structure becomes subtle the thinking power is developed and higher ideas are created. If one meditates on materialistic ideas the mind will become crude and materialistic. If the mind always meditates on the commune system, will it become subtle or crude? It will surely become crude because in the communist system there is want of humanity and want of morality. The very theory of communism makes the mind crude.

Communism is unable to provide the proper environment for the creation of a strong, solid psychic and intellectual structure. That is why moral stamina – moral sanctity – is lost in communist countries. Such a phenomenon took place in India just before the Buddhist Age because of the influence of Cárvaka philosophy. Cárvaka philosophy was a protest against Vedic “bogusism”, although it was materialistic in nature. During that period there was not even a pinch of morality – society had lost all its moral stamina. Today the same thing is happening and will continue to happen in communist countries. In communist countries there is no sanctity in moral life – society is devoid of moral principles.

In the name of this defective theory one of the leaders of the Soviet Union killed more than 500,000 people and sent many more to labour camps in Siberia. Among all the anti-human and homicidal theories that have been created in this world, communism is the most barbarous. The day has come for it to be thrown on the scrap heap forever.

Several days ago it was reported in the newspaper that in communist China one million illegitimate children are born each year. This proves that communism encourages immorality. If this immorality goes unabated it will eat away human society and cause doldrums in the social order. Eventually the entire social structure will be destroyed. We cannot tolerate such a philosophy. The very thought of this philosophy is nauseating.

Countries which have both laborious and intellectually developed citizens have never accepted communism. For example, Karl Marx was born in Germany but his theory was not accepted there. Similarly, England gave shelter to Marx but did not accept his theory. The cooperative movement first started in England and the spirit of cooperation is reflected in many aspects of British society; consequently, Marxism has not been able to get a foothold in Britain. Japan is surrounded by communist countries like the Soviet Union, North Korea and China but it did not accept communism. The citizens of these countries, as well as of some other countries, are both laborious and intellectually developed, hence they have rejected Marxism.

Previously in India some meritorious students accepted Marxism as the best theory out of a bad lot, but they did not embrace it as their ideology of life. Now the cream of the university students are not attracted towards Marxism because Marxism is the symbol of intellectual hollowness.

The relationship between communism and intellectuality is like the relationship between a snake and a ferret. Just as it is the nature of a ferret to devour a snake, intellectually developed people can easily expose the defects in Marxism.

The philosophy of Gandhi died before India got independence – it died long before Gandhi died. But communism has survived long after the death of Marx. It survived only due to the force of arms and constant booming. If constant booming is done for something, then people start thinking that there must be some truth in what is being propagated. For example, if someone continually says that Gopal is a very bad boy, then people will eventually believe what they are being told. Gopal will become a bad boy in their eyes. Communists are doing constant booming about their theory. Due to this people are being brainwashed, and at this stage it is very easy to inject incorrect ideas into their minds. By constant booming of their wrong theory they are creating their supporters, but these cadres suffer from intellectual bankruptcy. When intellectual people ask them anything they fail to answer, and this causes them to revolt.

In communist countries the party leaders used all their strength and every possible approach – force of arms, terror and control over freedom of speech – to keep the people oppressed. But today the conscience of the party leaders has revolted against these methods. This was the reason why the student movement in China was not suppressed for a long time.

Communist countries are abandoning the defective commune system because it is causing suffering from food shortages. Communists are abandoning the commune system because this rotten system is adversely affecting the health of society. Communist leaders, who used to give so-called guidance to the people, have themselves abandoned the path of communism. It is clear that Marxism has failed theoretically, but now it has also failed in practice in those countries which follow Marxism. The sins which Marxism has committed have resulted in its annihilation.

Any theory, principle, idea or proposition must have a firm foundation to stand upon. This is a fundamental necessity. Everything in the physical or psychic spheres moves within the periphery of the three supreme relative factors – time, space and individuality. Theories or propositions are not exceptions to this rule.

Democracy is a sort of procrastinated progress – progress is not speedy or accelerated. In capitalist democracies votes can be purchased, thus poor people cannot fight elections. Can there be any adjustment between pseudo-capitalism and pseudo-communism as was tried by Euro-communism? Pseudo-communism was once tried by Adolf Hitler and Mussolini. Pseudo-communism means it seems to be communism but practically it is not. The national socialists of Europe included Mussolini in Italy, Hitler in Germany and Franco in Spain.

The proposition of communism has got no fundamental foot to stand upon. Its very base is oscillating. It is neither a theory, nor a principle, nor a proposition. Communism today may be termed “revisionism” or “pseudo-revisionism”. “Pseudo” is a Latin word of German origin. It does not mean “false”. It means “to some extent like the original but not exactly like the original”. Any policy of pseudo-revisionism is ultravires to the principle of the vital faculty – it is ultravires to the existential faculty. It is a counter-psychic motion and against the seed of a living sprout, therefore it can never be accepted. It is like the temporary glow of a flame – it only exists for a short period, then after its sad demise, it leaves behind no permanent mark in human history. This will be the fate of communism. It is a policy or proposition based on pseudo-revisionism. Such pseudo-revisionism is detrimental to the existential faculty, and that is why pseudo-revisionism should be discarded at the very primordial phase. Such a phenomenon has taken place in the world of intellectuality. Communism has died a premature death.

If any wrong theory continues for a long period, when the reaction against it finally starts the reaction will only last a short time and will be intensely destructive, like a hurricane. Today communism is burning in the fire of its own failure, and your work is to add some fuel to that fire.

All human society will have to undergo atonement for the sins committed by communism – not even the innocent will be spared. This dangerous theory has committed many atrocities against society, and it will continue to do so until it is finished in name as well as in theory. Although communism is dead in theory, it continues to exist in name. As this theory is extremely detrimental to human existence, you should ensure that it is eradicated in name as well as soon as possible.” – Sarkar, Prabhat, 14 July 1988, Calcutta, ElEdit 7, Prout in a Nutshell Part 15, Defects of Communism – Section C

“Economic Exploitation of Bengal

According to Karl Marx, the creation of surplus value is the source of economic exploitation. Capitalists convert the surplus value into money value and that is how they accumulate profit. After analysing the capitalist economy, Marx reasoned that all profit is exploitation because profit means the denial of the legitimate right of the working class to the wealth they produce. Consequently, profit is nothing but the exploitation of labour. Marx concluded that the creation of surplus value will stop only when economic exploitation ends.

All communist states, including the Soviet Union, China and Vietnam, have rejected Marx’s theory of exploitation. According to these countries, the creation of surplus value in the economy is an indispensable part of national prosperity. In repudiation of Marxist ideas, profit is not considered exploitation. If Marx made the first attempt to analyse and define exploitation, then it must be said that his work is not free from defects. This is because Marx tried to interpret exploitation only from the economic point of view.

According to PROUT, economic exploitation involves the unrestricted plunder of the physical and psychic labour of a particular community together with the natural resources in their local area. In PROUT’s view, exploitation is not confined to only economic exploitation, but includes psychic and spiritual exploitation as well.

Economic exploitation has various forms and includes colonial exploitation, imperialist exploitation and fascist exploitation. There are similarities and dissimilarities in both the principles and characters of these forms of exploitation. Let us examine each of these three forms of exploitation by taking the example of Bengal.” – Sarkar, Prabhat, 1981, Calcutta, ElEdit 7, Prout in a Nutshell Part 19, Economic Exploitation of Bengal

Elevating Backward Classes

Throughout the world many groups of people are in urgent need of relief. They are suffering from physical, psychic and spiritual deprivation because the different socio-economic systems in vogue only pander to particular sections of society, neglecting those in need and society as a whole.

Marxism, for example, divides society into the capitalists and the proletariat. The state is theoretically for the welfare of the proletariat or shúdras, and the non-proletariat are suppressed or oppressed. This is the rule of the shúdras. But actually there cannot be any rule of the shúdras. The very concept of proletariat dictatorship is unrealistic, impractical and unscientific. Marxism is a utopian ideal which has no roots in the soil of reality.

In 1977 there was a great change in the constitution of the Soviet Union. It gave up its stupid bogey of proletariat rule and declared itself a welfare state. But even still, Marxism is like a house of cards that will fall apart after a light hammering. It will leave no impact in this practical world.” – Sarkar, Prabhat, June 1979, Calcutta, ElEdit 7, Prout in a Nutshell Part 15, Elevating Backward Classes

Where there is torture of good people, the system which supports it will surely be destroyed. There are many good people in this world who want to do good work. You should convince them, work with them and organize them to do maximum service for the suffering humanity.

Marx was a good man. He had strong feelings for suffering humanity, and out of compulsion to do something he wrote his theory. However, his theory was not practical. He did not understand the practical implications of his theory when he propounded it. The books of Marx reflected his concern for the downtrodden humanity and convinced many people. Leaders like Lenin and Mao took up the task of materializing his ideas in the society. They were not bad people, but as they tried to materialize the theory of Marx they encountered many practical difficulties. Realizing that the theory was defective, they became frustrated and started committing many atrocities. Stalin was a demon who killed millions of people. This all occurred because of the inherent defects of Marxism.

Now Marxism is being eradicated from the whole world. Only in one state in India, West Bengal, is communism still accepted. Now communism has gone totally berserk – a special type of madness where the beginning, middle and end is defective. People infected with this psychic disease can do anything – they can kill others for any reason, and they can even kill themselves.

Even if there is something in communism – I do not say there is, but even if there is – people aspire for democracy because they can not stand communism.” – Sarkar, Prabhat, 13 November 1989, Calcutta, ElEdit 7, Prout in a Nutshell Part 17, Suppression, Repression and Oppression

The downfall of both capitalism and communism is inevitable due to their inherent staticity. Both capitalism and communism are on the verge of extinction from this world. The external and internal spheres of capitalism have ordinary acceleration, but there is a contradiction between its internal and external spheres. The contradictions in capitalism are due to the self-centred profit motivated psychology and the accumulation of wealth for the benefit of a few rather than for the welfare of all. Hence, capitalism is not congenial to the integrated growth of human progress. A day is therefore sure to come when capitalism will burst like a fire-cracker.

Marxism, too, is a transitory phenomenon. In the external sphere of Marxism there is only ordinary acceleration, and in the internal sphere there is staticity. The result is negative dynamicity. That is why Marxism will never be a success either. Marxism is just like a comet on a parabolic path – it is not of hyperbolic order. Marxism can only bring society to an omni-static state; that is, the state of nihilism or cynicism – a sort of negation.” – Sarkar, Prabhat, 13 September 1987, Calcutta, ElEdit 7, Prout in a Nutshell Part 13, A Few Problems Solved Part 9, Economic Dynamics

(1) It believes in equality between human beings which is only theoretical and not possible in practice because no two individuals are alike, hence they cannot be equal.
(2) This faith finds its field in the exploitation of poverty and hence it can only thrive in poverty-stricken areas.
(3) It has no tolerance for other religions or organizations.
(4) Its goal is purely imaginary equality.
(5) This faith exists on violence only.
” – Sarkar, Prabhat, 1957, Jamalpur, ElEdit 7, Prout in a Nutshell Part 3, A Few Problems Solved Part 6, Views of Other Faiths, Marxism

The theories of Marx and Gandhi are examples of defective philosophies. The fundamental principles of Marxism are unpsychological, irrational and anti-human. Marxists say that revolution is the only solution to capitalist exploitation. This is a positive idea. But the concepts of dialectical materialism, the materialist conception of history, the withering away of the state, proletariat dictatorship, classless society, etc., are defective ideas which can never be implemented. That is why the post-revolutionary stage in every communist country has suffered from turmoil and oppression. There is not a single country in the world which is established according to Marxist ideals.” – Sarkar, Prabhat, 1969, Ranchi , ElEdit 7, Prout in a Nutshell Part 21, Nuclear Revolution, Requirements For Nuclear Revolution

Whenever we are thinking of implementing a theory we should feel that we are living in the present, then we should implement the theory. The order of Shiva was to march ahead maintaining association with present reality. This was the order of Shiva. Marxism completely violated this fundamental principle, which is why Marxism has been broken into pieces under the impact of the present circumstances…

…Whatever is feasible and practical has been said in PROUT. Marxism built castles in the air and encouraged the people to dream a meaningless dream. PROUT has not done this nor will PROUT do it. PROUT will do that which is feasible and practical.
” – Sarkar, Prabhat, 13 October 1989, Calcutta, ElEdit 7, Prout in a Nutshell Part 17, Minimum Requirements and Maximum Amenities, Neo-Humanistic Approach to Economics

The theory propounded by Karl Marx which was intended to save people from exploitation was opposed by the vaeshyas. Many poor vipras opposed it as well, because although Marxist doctrine makes some provision for vipras who perform social service, it gives no scope to social parasites. (The intellectuality of the vipras recoiled on them.)” – Sarkar, Prabhat, 1967, ElEdit 7, Prout in a Nutshell Part 5, Human Society Part 2, The Vipra Age, Religious Conflicts

A group of exploiters loudly object to a remark that was made by the great Karl Marx concerning religion. It should be remembered that Karl Marx never opposed spirituality, morality and proper conduct. What he said was directed against the religion of his time, because he perceived, understood and realized that religion had psychologically paralysed the people and reduced them to impotence by persuading them to surrender to a group of sinners.)” – Sarkar, Prabhat, 1967, ElEdit 7, Prout in a Nutshell Part 5, Human Society Part 2, The Vaeshya Age, Breaking the Vaeshya Structure

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