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The Vinny Eastwood Show thevinnyeastwoodshow.com2010 Interviews . 2011 Interviews . 2012 Interviews Radio & Podcast Show interviews Activists
Uncensored Magazine uncensored.co.nz Prints a quarterly magazine+ news website
Cryptogon cryptogon.com exposing the elites hidden exploitation globally
Guerilla Media guerillamedia.co.nz Youtube Video Channel
Mr News youtube.com Video News channel based in Auckland
Transparency in New Zealand – Kiwikileaks kate-raue.blogspot.com Community Transparency & News
OpenUReyes openureyes.org.nz Hosts free monthly documentaries in Wellington + news
Peace Action Aotearoa converge.org.nz/pma News
Aotearoa: A Wider Perspective …wordpress.com News
Kiwi’s First kiwisfirst.co.nz News with emphasis on NZ Judiciary corruption
Web of Evidence clareswinney.wordpress.com News
Tech Liberty techliberty.org.nz Defending civil liberties in the digital age


NO Forced Vaccines noforcedvaccines.org
NZ Journal of Natural Medicine naturalmedicine.net.nz Promotes natural remedies, exposes drug companies
Health Freedom NZ healthfreedom.co.nz Exposes drug company agenda to ban vitamins & minerals (competition)
Right to Water NZ righttowater.org.nz
Organic NZ organicnz.org
Organic Pathways organicpathways.co.nz
NZ Food Security nzfoodsecurity.org exposes Codex Alimentaris Bill that wants to ban NZ right to grow food in our back yards

Bio-hazard Decontamination

Fluoride Action Network fannz.org.nz exposes poisoning of public water by councils
Off The Radar offtheradar.co.nz documents risks of some vaccines & food additives
Chemtrails North NZ chemtrailsnorthnz.wordpress.com News on chemtrails
Chemtrails NZ chemtrailsnz.co.cc News on chemtrails
GE Free NZ (RAGE Inc) gefree.org.nz monitors GE risks of crops & foods
Safe Food Campaign Inc safefood.org.nz wide range of food safety issues
Nuclear Free NZ nuclearfreenz.org.nz
Pesticide Action Network Aotearoa NZ pananz.net exposes pesticide poisoning

Economic & Political

Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa (CAFCA) …cyberplace.org.nz stop foreign multinationals enslaving NZ
Public Creditor Bust publiccreditorbust.blogspot.co.nz exposing NZ’s privatized banking cartel
Positive Money positivemoney.org.nz exposing NZ’s ousider banking cartel
NZ Not for Salenznotforsale.org
TTP Watchtppwatch.org Trans-Pacific Partnership Watch
NZ Climate Science Coalition climatescience.org.nz debunks GW pseudo-science
Climate Debate Daily climatedebatedaily.com debunks GW pseudo-science
Climate Conversation …wordshine.co.nz debunks GW pseudo-science
Climate Realists climaterealists.org.nz debunks GW pseudo-science
They Work for You theyworkforyou.co.nz
Cooperative Housing Association of Aotearoa NZ (CHAANZ) converge.org.nz/… Contact list For NZ MPs
Water Pressure Group waterpressure.wordpress.com Watchdog for Auckland water ownership
Stop the Super City stopthesupercity.org.nz exposing attempts to privatize Aucklands public assets
OASIS oasisfromsurveillance.blogspot.com anti-NZ Secret Intelligence Service & Echelon
Nicky Hager nickyhager.info Author and Investigative Journalist
New Zealand 9-11 Truth nz911truth.org 9-11 News
NZ 911 Truth Forum 911truthaotearoa.myfreeforum.org NZ911forum
More 911 Truth Wellington more911.wordpress.com NZ 911 Truth Wellington

Animal Cruelty Prevention

Save Animals From Exploitation (SAFE) safe.org.nz
Animal Rights Legal Advocacy Network (ARLAN) arlan.org.nz
Animals And Us NZ animalsandus.org.nz
NZ Anti-Vivisection Society nzavs.org.nz
ZooCheck New Zealand wildlife.org.nz/zoocheck

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