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Kurt Nimmo
February 17, 2012

In the wake of the amateurish terror attacks in India, Georgia and Thailand earlier in the week, Israel has ramped up its propaganda campaign to demonize Iran and Hezbollah by warning its citizens about the dangers of travel.

“Iran and Hezbollah are continuing to try to carry out other attacks on targets abroad,” said a nameless counterterrorism official, without offering details or credible evidence. “That means asking Israelis abroad to be vigilant.”

The Associated Press and the establishment media enthusiastically support the Israeli propaganda campaign. “The attacks took place in countries that have cordial relations with Tehran. That Iran would risk diplomatic dustups with such countries was evidence of just how determined it was to attack Israeli targets, the counterterrorism official claimed,” AP claims.

The AP did not mention another, more reality-based probability – the attacks were the work of the Mossad and the CIA. There are a number of compelling reasons for this, all left untouched by the establishment media because they conflict with a propaganda narrative designed to demonize Iran as Israel prepares for an attack.

Tathagata Bhattacharya, an Indian writing for IBNLive, says the attacks are probably not the work of Iran and Hezbollah. He does not speculate who may be responsible, but that it is largely a no-brainer. The Latin adage cui bono – who benefits – comes into play.

“First, Iranian intelligence would never choose India as a venue to launch such attacks. It is the only significant country, barring Russia and China, to not recognize US-imposed sanctions. Its trade volume with India is significant enough for Iran,” Bhattacharya writes.

Cui bono? The United States. “Doing such a thing in India would push India to adopt a more hardline stance and bring it closer to Washington. And that would compromise India’s non-aligned stance in combating the rising Chinese maritime power in the Indian Ocean region. It does not suit Iran, neither does it suit Russia or China. I wonder who it suits most then.”

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

It suits the U.S. and Israel and their combined and collaborative efforts to demonize Iran as a pariah terrorist state and in the process move the attack Iran agenda forward. It also puts the spotlight on Hezbollah, Israel’s Achilles’ heel. If Israel cannot defeat Hezbollah in the field – as it was unable to do during its illegal 2006 invasion of Lebanon – then it will strive to win the propaganda war.

Due to the amateurish behavior displayed during the terror attacks, especially in Thailand, it is unlikely Hezbollah was involved. “Also, the Iranian people arrested by Thai police don’t come across as handpicked Iranian intelligence operatives or hardened Hezbollah men,” Bhattacharya notes.

An Israeli soldier who participated in the Israel-Hezbollah War in 2006 told the New York Times’ Steven Erlanger and Richard A Oppel Jr that Hezbollah fighters were “nothing like Hamas or the Palestinians. They are trained and highly qualified. All of us were kind of surprised.”

So it is kind of funny that the same armed group (whose members damaged more than 50 Merkava tanks and forced the fabled Israeli Defense Forces to withdraw without any decisive outcome) or their mentor nation could depute such men for an overseas terror attack who would lob explosives at trees to lose their own limbs in the ricochet.

But could it be that the Iranians the Thai authorities are looking for are dissenters against the Iranian regime who have been hurriedly pressed into service as the entire grand plan needs to reach fruition well before the end of the year?

Bhattacharya also points out that Georgia is an ideal place to carry out a false flag terror event. It is awash in Israeli and U.S. military equipment and with a population of just 4.7 million people is the third largest recipient of U.S. foreign aid. During the Russia-Georgia War of 2008, Israel supplied UAVs, night-vision equipment, anti-aircraft equipment, ammunition and electronic systems as well as advanced tactical training to Georgia. The U.S. just so happened to be conducting a military exercise in Georgia when the war broke out.

In addition, the Georgian president Mikhail Saakashvili met with CIA boss Gen. David Petraeus on February 4, an event left unreported by the corporate media.

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

According to Wayne Madsen and others, Georgia serves as a stage for USAID, CIA and MI-6 operations in support of color revolution dissidents attempting to undermine the Russian election and defeat Vladimir Putin.

In addition to the CIA, the “EU is also funneling money on behalf of European intelligence services, including MI-6, to Russian dissident groups through grants to Georgian non-governmental organizations,” Madsen writes. In short, various spook agencies have established a strong presence in the country, making it an ideal candidate for a false flag terror event.

Another telltale sign the attacks are a false flag – the use of magnetic bombs. Thai security officials said the bombs in India and Thailand were “sticky bombs,” or magnetic. “The individual was in possession of the same magnets and we are currently examining the source of the magnet,” National Security Council Secretary Wichian Podphosri said on Wednesday. A forensic report released today reveals that while the explosives used in New Delhi and Bangkok may have been different, the presence of a magnetic plate to attach the bomb to a vehicle and a grenade that goes off five seconds after activation indicates a similarity between the bombs.

Mujahedeen-e Khalq (MEK) terrorists used a magnetic bomb to kill Iranian nuclear scientist Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan last month. “My own confidential Israeli source confirms today’s murder was the work of the Mossad and MEK, as have been a number of previous operations I’ve reported here,” Richard Silverstein writes. Silverstein’s blog is highly respected for reporting news censored in Israel and has been praised as being “important” by Yossi Melman, a veteran security and intelligence reporter for Haaretz.

Considering the above and numerous other false flag events conducted by Israel and the United States to implicate enemies and devise assorted pretexts for starting conflicts, it is more than likely Mossad and the CIA are behind the attacks in India, Georgia and Thailand.

Iran has absolutely nothing to gain by doing so, especially considering its restrained behavior in light of the covert war Israel and the U.S. is currently waging inside Iran.

The U.S. and Israel are exploiting Iran’s assertion made earlier this month by supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei that Iran will defend itself if attacked, which should be considered a quite natural declaration by any state in response to threats of invasion, sanctions and embargo.

Israeli citizens should be more worried about false flag attacks conducted by their own government and its intelligence agency than promises by Iranian officials that they will defend their country if attacked.

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