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The photos here are of Nikhil Biswas of Mumbai, India.

The above photos are of Nikhil Biswas of Mumbai, India

This blog is about Nikhil Biswas from Mumbai, India. Nikhil Biswas stole more than $2,800 NZD from me and badly mistreated his so-called ex-girlfriend, by forcing her have sex while video taping the incident and making her cry, among other things.

He may have a baby-face, but dont let that fool you. By nature, theives are always dishonest and cannot be trusted.


I met Nikhil in November 2007 in Wellington, New Zealand where I live. At the time Nikhil was working in New Zealand also. We became friends.

In 2008 he wanted to borrow money from a NZ bank, but because he was not a New Zealand resident they would not allow him.

As a friend I helped him borrow from a ASB Bank of NZ, by guaranteeing the loan. The very clear understanding was that Nikhil would pay this back.


However, in March 2009 I discovered he had left New Zealand and gone back to live in Mumbai, India. His old flatmates told me he had moved back to India.

So I emailed Nikhil Biswas, asking him what was up? This was the reply I received from him.

FROM: nikhil Biswas
TO: me
SENT: 19 March ’09

i am absolutely sorry bro i am totally heart broken , i have come to India for 2 months , my girlfriend ditched me , she was goin around with 2 more guys at the same time, i came to know this before a month an was totally broken , i dint eat for 5 days when i was there , my girlfriend appologised me and said she will improve, sshe said as soon as i come back to India she will marry me, so i gave her a surprise and came to india 15 of this month , after coming i met her and she said she cannot marry me anymore coz she doesnt likes me , she said she never took me as a husband and all bullshit, so i was fucking angry , i threatend he that ill go to ur parents and show the sex video we made , she was scared for a moment and walked away, later in the evening i got call from her dad, he called me at his place i said ok , so i went o his place with my two other friends , i explained the situation , he said ok this is the gal she doesnt wants to marry you, I am girls father and i can tell you that your her 7th boyfriend so it doesnt matters to me too and even i can give you some more naked videos if u want of my daughter, the girls fiancee was there and he said if she is pregnant with nikhils child still ill acept her and even after marriage she can continue with nikhil, the fiancee dad was like its all good we dont mind these small things and you can fuckoff now………………………
………………so wat do u expect brother i am like dying , i dint do nething wrong and i was pushed soooooo badly but ill call you from here day after tommrow, please forgive me for not keeping in touch but trust me dada was knowin ma situation how bad it was , i even left my job to come here to meet her. Namaskar


Obviosly he is quite disturbed due to his ex girlfriend dumping him, and some mention about blackmailing his ex-girlfriend with a sex-video-tape.

Anyway, on 21 March ’09 Nikhil emails me his mobile phone

I call him.

The story he tells me is that his ex-girlfriend dumped him and is set to marry another man. Nikhil explains that he had previously forced his ex-girlfriend to be videoed while having sex. Although it is a bit strange, Nikhil has a lot to get off his chest so as a friend I am just listening as a friend.

Anyway, although forcing his previous so-called girlfriend to have sex while being video-taped resulted in her crying, Nikhil explained it was like an insurance, that he could threaten to blackmail her with later to keep the relationship.

Nikhil had tried to blackmail her by threatening to go public with this video, and then tried to blackmail her father, but unfortunately his insurance had not worked.

What also made Nikhil sad was that his ex-girlfriend was now extremly happy to be away from him now, and he told me he wanted to get revenge.

Although it is very strange story to hear, Nikhil was heartbroken so I just told him not to do anything stupid or to bother about her.

During this call Nikhil also offered to send me a copy of his sex tape which I declined.


The next evening I called again and Nikhil no longer sounded heartbroken and sounded somewhat recovered.
I asked him what had happened and he told me that he had entered into another sexual relationship with another girls. I was happy for him and said that it was good he now had a girlfriend again. Nikhil corrected me and said that since I last spoke with him only 24 hours ago, he had sex with 2 or more girls).


24 March ’09: One or two days later I discovered that $225 was missing and had been transferred from my normal ASB account to pay for Nikhils loan on 17 March ’09.

I noticed that Nikhil’s loan had now reached $2,692.98
I immediately sent the following email to Nikhil.

FROM: me
TO: nikhil Biswas
SENT: 24 March ’09

Hi Nikhil, you need to start making repayments for your credit card loan, last week they took out by $225 from my normal account. That means you need to pay $225 extra on top of what is in the credit card now $2,467.98 = $2,692.98 At first I thought it was bank error, then took some time to find where this money disappeared to. You need to start making regular repayments. Im working 45-50 hours a week and only have $100 extra each week, that means I didnt get anything over the last 2 weeks. I also have loans to pay. Baba says 3 things need urgent attention – debt, fire and something else (cant remember)


Plse pay the $225 back into my account ASAP. ASB bank Name: MR J TUCKWELL Account Number: 12-3174-0216876-00 Currently I only have $10 in my account, my only the account I am living off is credit card I already have other loans.


On 25 March ’09 I call Nikhil who confirms he received my emails, but said that he needed a swift-code to pay this. When I told him to he should get this himself, he hessitated then told me that each person has a different swift-code so I would have to do this myself.

Right-click here to download – 25-mar 09 phone call to Nikhil

I contacted the bank who advised the swift-code and said it the same for everyone and not different for each person (Nikhil was lying).


27 March ’09: I call Nikhil again in the evening. He tells me that he deposited $300 yesterday afterneen at 4pm (Indian time 26 March ’09) and it should reach me in 3 days. When I tell him he should plan to pay the rest, he tells me that he plans to pay $400 per month and just calculated this yesterday also.

Right-click here to download 7-March-2009 call to Nikhils mobile


On 7, 15, 25, 29, 30 April ’09 I send him 5 follow-up emails advising the money did not come through and to contact me ASAP.

Also when I tried calling Nikhil on his mobile many times but I found the phone had been disconnected.

Today it is 22 June ’09 and I have received no meaningful response from Nikhil.


However Nikhil did send this marketing email to me on 19 May ’09.

FROM: nikhil biswas
TO: me
date Tue, May 19, 2009 at 4:11 PM
subject evvec
mailed-by hotmail.com

Dear, I would like to introduce a very good company, electronic products dealer. I have bought some products from company,the price was very cheap, and the products are very good quality!They accept paypal, credit card transactions, bank transfers,and more. Just have a look at this web page : www.evvec.com I am sure you will could save a lot of money Best regards!


And he has also sent me some messages from his orkut.com profile. Nikhil Biswas has two orkut accounts or profiles.

His original orkut profile one – http://www.orkut.com/Main#Profile?uid=697874609233405775

A new fake orkut profile one – http://www.orkut.co.in/Main#Profile.aspx?uid=10401395557948170836

On Nikhil’s original profile he has changed his name to “SOME PEOPLE LOVE BADLY AND ROUGHLY USED THINGS, FUNNY ISNT IT?“. Obviously this is refering to his ex-girlfriend who was happy to be rid of him. Nikhil has now locked this profile and has disbanded all of his previous friends, except for his sister – Saraswathy Biswas -http://www.orkut.com/Main#Profile.aspx?rl=fpp&uid=13570774313451999042

Nikhil’s Ex-girlfriends orkut profile is here – http://www.orkut.com/Main#Profile.aspx?uid=1652871554151842604
Nikhil’s Ex-girlfriend also changed her orkut name. Now it is “HappyWithMaLife ……Sometimes expected things happen unexpectedly…… “. Obvious refering to no more Nikhil in her life.

On Nikhil’s new fake orkut profile he claims that he is a banker, married, has children and is living in Calcutta. From this new fake profile he has sent me numerous non-personalized internet marketing messages, just like the last email I received from him.

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  • nikhilbiswas says:

    u liar bastard, all your stories are bullshit, and i took money frm NZ bank nt frm u dickhead, it was credit card on my name and u were the gaurantor, secondly cunt face all the stories aboutma x and all are false, and u cant put ma pic online without ma permission, its a cyber crime, mate ur fucked within 10 days

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