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How does pseudo-reformist strategy work? What is its nature? It arises within socio-sentiment: “Yes, what my opponents [revolutionaries] say is correct; but if this really materializes, it will greatly inconvenience me and disturb my individual senntiment. So what we must do is to try to adjust with the existing situation. We don’t want any great changes, we will just go ahead step by step. Externally we may speak of reform, but in our heart of hearts, we have decided not to allow any change to take place.” This is pseudo-reformist strategy.[*]

[*] Pra’ksam sam’ska’rava’da’tmak ran’aniiti [in Sanskrit].” – Sarkar, Prabhat Ranjan, 22 March 1982, Calcutta, Eledit 6, 2001, The Liberation of Intellect, Discourse 8, Pseuo-Humanism

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