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Here is my opinion on what the different characters represent within the cartoon series “Captain Planet” that was popular in the 1990′s. The cartoon was created by Ted Turner, a Bilderberg attendee & multi-billionaire who donated 1 Billion dollars to the United Nation’s IPCC, and also created the mainstream news network CNN. It is interesting to note that CNN has played down the dangers of depleted uranium and the nuclear disaster that occurred in Japan 2011.

Agenda 21 / Bilderberg agenda: take over the earth resources using fiat currency (money created out of nothing), and take out any competition. i.e. to control the whole world and its people using such money, and reduce and weaken world population. This agenda is well covered in the documentary “EndGame”.

Gaia: Rockerfeller’s Eco-spirituality – The idea gaining control over the earths resources by changing the behavior of society. This is done by gaining control over every economy in the world via international banks and multinationals, and then changing government policies using the Agenda 21 blueprint.

Captain Planet 1: Enforcement of Gaia’s policies using socio-sentiment. Socio-sentiment is when people blindly follow the feeling that socio-group could never be wrong, and because their minds are so fixed in their self-righteousness, the do not easily listen to logic or reasoning. Because of their superiority complex, they can commit all manner of crimes and trample human values because they hold the prestigious feeling of their social group above all else.

Captain Planet 2: Enforcement of Gaia’s policies via the United Nations and its agents. This is a simplification of the 1st.

Earth ring wearer: Puppet politician of Africa
Fire ring wearer: Puppet politician of North American
Water ring wearer: Puppet politician of Asia
Air ring wearer: Puppet politician of Russia
Heart ring wearer: Puppet politician of South America (the 5th factor is actually ether which correlates with sound and communication. Mass Media programming?)

Villains: Those countries who do not comply with the Bilderberg group/world banks banking cartel will be vilified using mainstream media to change their policies to the Agenda 21 standard. If not they are invaded physically so as to install a new puppet government that can wield their rings (money). To dramatize and justify invasions and bombings, the villains are continually chased, released & recreated as was the case with Bin Laden and Al Qaeda & CO2. By keeping alive the threat of terrorism and global warming, captain planet and the United Nations can justify their existence to change policy world wide.

Rings: The rings grant the politicians powers. Gaia has selected the puppet politicians from each continent and granted them power to do its bidding. The powers represent the money allocated by World bank loans that governments receive for complying with Gaia’s eco-spirituality, or any money received by politicians as payment.

Planeteer: Someone who identifies themselves as a “greenie” or “green supporter” as propagated by United Nations or Agenda 21.

Further Comment: I would like to say that I do not think the Captain planet cartoon is all bad. Certainly I do not think that everyone involved in making the series attended the secret Bilderbergs meetings as Ted Turner has. The series promotes the mixing and working together of different races. It promotes the existential value of animals and wildlife as well as our responsibility to look after them.

Lastly I have provided a translation of the cartoons opening voice-over into the Agenda 21 context.

Captain Planets opening voice-over: Our world is in peril. Gaia, the spirit of the earth can no longer stand the terrible destruction plaguing our planet. She sends five magic rings to five special young people.

A Possible NWO Translation: Our world is in peril. Gaia, the resources of the earth will be under our control if we can weaken other peoples sovereign right to control them. We send our fiat currency money to the big multi-nationals, mainstream media, NGOs, governments, politicians and partys of the world, so that we can rule the world through them.

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